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Candle Expectations

All our candles are hand made with 100% Soy wax so you may find a little frosting or slight imperfections with the finish. This is completely normal and will not compromise the fragrance or burn time. For short burn times, you may experience a little tunnelling, but as the wick burns down, the candle wax on the edges should melt entirely. For longer burn times, the candle wax should melt the entire surface.

We try our very best to protect the wax during transport but cannot guarantee it arrives level due to temperature conditions during postage. Once the wick is lit and melted the entire surface, the wax should level out.

The room size has a huge impact on how effective the candle scent dispersion is. In a large room with our smallest lit candle, the fragrance may become intertwined and lost with other odours of the room. Please use this guide below for best performance.

Approx. Container Weight and Best Room Performance:

40g - Bathrooms, Cloak Rooms, Hallways, Lobby

100g - Bedroom, Kitchen, Utility, Snug

200g - Dining Room, Lounge, Kitchen/Diner

Approx. Burn Time:

40g - Approximately 5 - 7 hours

100g - Approximately 15 - 19 hours

200g - Approximately 20 - 24 hours

Approx. Container Dimensions:

40g - 48mm Diameter 30mm Height

100g - 64mm Diameter 45mm Height

200g - 80mm Diameter 55mm Height

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